Is Therapedic Mattress Good For Back Pain

Back pain can be a debilitating problem for many individuals, affecting their daily activities and quality of life. Countless products and treatments claim to alleviate this common issue, but one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of your mattress. A comfortable mattress that offers proper support and alignment can make a significant difference in reducing back pain. One brand that has gained popularity in recent years is Therapedic, known for its innovative designs and advanced technologies. But is a Therapedic mattress truly effective in providing relief for back pain? In this blog post, we will explore the features of Therapedic mattresses and evaluate their suitability for individuals with back pain. We will delve into the science of ergonomics and how it relates to mattress design, as well as examine the different types of Therapedic mattresses available and their unique benefits. Furthermore, we will discuss the experiences of users who have used Therapedic mattresses to alleviate back pain and provide a comprehensive analysis of their efficacy. By the end of


Therapedic Hybrid Mattress Collection: Construction

One of the three main collections offered by Therapedic is its hybrid mattress line. If you’re interested in additional products, you can also peruse the innerspring collection, specialty collection, or even the international collection to learn more about what they manufacture abroad. But since we’re here to talk hybrid, let’s take a closer look at the two mattresses we’ll be studying:

The Bravura model and the Tommy Bahama Hybrid model are two examples of these hybrid mattresses. The latter one comes in two heights: 13” and 15”.

This hybrid mattress is also available in the innerspring collection, which is why you may be familiar with the Bravura brand. However, the hybrid version includes an improved perimeter coil-encased unit with specialty foam (for comfort), talalay latex (for support), and EnergexTM foam (for pressure relief) instead of just concentrating on coils. Additionally, the mattress has Quantum Edge Coil Unit and Micro Pocket Coils for additional base support and general durability.

Tommy Bahama: Starting in 2015, Therapedic and Tommy Bahama collaborated to offer a few more expensive mattress options. The collection “represents the spirit of relaxation with a healthy dose of fun,” in their words. The hybrid options use an edge-to-edge pocketed coil unit for support and are available in two heights, 13″ and 15″. A plush “Floating Foam” core is part of the design; it is marketed as eco-friendly, non-toxic, and comfortable foam for any sleeping position. Additionally, the bed has nested wrapped coils for lumbar and hip support and uses BioH Gel Latex.

For more information on the best hybrid mattresses available, be sure to read our list!

Therapedic Hybrid Mattress Feel

You’ll experience a different feel because each mattress is built slightly differently. That said, hybrid mattresses are known for these features:

  • They can provide a lot of support, especially for those who are heavier or have back problems.
  • There is a lot of bounce, so it will rebound rather than just take your impact.
  • Given that air can freely circulate through the coil system, these mattresses are also typically cool.

There are a few main differences between these two mattresses. The Bravura has micro pocket coils, which are renowned for being durable and long-lasting in terms of form and integrity Additionally, the Bravura has an edge coil unit for sturdy edge support to stop sleepers from feeling as though they are about to fall off the bed. This bed will have a medium-firm feel and is generally recommended for people who prefer mattresses on the firmer end that concentrate on longevity and support because the mixture of foam all focuses on durability and pressure relief.

The Tommy Bahama has nested wrapped coils, which means that two nested coil springs, rather than just one, are placed in each pocket. They typically offer maximum flexibility and conform precisely to the contours of the human body, providing comfort in a variety of sleeping positions. The star of this mattress, however, is the Floating Foam, which offers plush, cozy support while also making it a softer mattress option.

Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses will offer a cozy feel akin to memory foam, but the coil system will keep the bed cool while providing that springy sensation. Choosing the right bed for your needs typically depends on what you feel is most comfortable, so if you’re interested in a Therapedic, head to the nearest retail store to test them out and see what works for you. Additionally, hybrid mattresses are known for providing stability and comfort, and for some people, they can be helpful in reducing back pain, though that will very much depend on the individual sleeper and isn’t a universal experience.

Therapedic Hybrid Mattress Vs. Others

Look no further than the table below to see how this mattress collection compares to the competition. Here are some beds that are similar in terms of appearance and comfort.

As previously mentioned, hybrid beds are among the best mattresses for reducing back pain and offering firm support. The Alexander Hybrid Luxury mattress from Nest Bedding is more expensive but offers similar support and a backache relief focus.

The eLuxurySupply mattress offers a medium-firm feel similar to the Bravura mattress model and is more affordable. Both mattresses will emphasize increased bounce, increased motion transfer, improved edge support, good cooling, and a respectable amount of hug and contour, features shared by the Therapedic hybrid line.

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  • How to purchase: You must visit a physical retailer if you want to try out a Therpedic hybrid mattress and find out its exact price. Some independent mattress companies also sell them online if you don’t need to try them out first. Therapedic’s website states that each mattress is covered by a warranty, but the specifics vary depending on the model. Regardless of the warranty’s duration, it will protect you from any flaws in the manufacturer’s workmanship and materials; however, you are responsible for repairing any flaws caused by normal wear and tear or usage. Trial period: Unknown .

Therapedic Hybrid: Pros and Cons

There aren’t many online reviews for the different types of orthopedic mattresses, but we did find some trends across all Therapedic bed types. The only person who can truly test something is you, so visit a store and give it a try.

Common Praises:

  • Helps with aches and pains. Therapedic beds received mostly favorable reviews for their design, with many people saying things like, “I woke up well rested and my usual aches and pains were gone.” It’s helpful to know that Therapedic and its orthopedic bedding is made with people who experience stiffness and soreness, even though no mattress can magically make all your pains go away.
  • “Not too hard, not too soft. People who have reviewed these hybrid mattresses have praised them for striking a good balance between firm support and soft comfort. Finding that balance can be challenging, but some Therapedic users appreciated how firm the mattress was.
  • Stayed cool. Those of us who experience hot sleep are aware of how difficult it can be to feel extremely warm when you wake up, typically on a foam mattress. Despite the comfort foam layers above the coil system, many people liked how this bed kept them cool and allowed air to circulate throughout.

Common Complaints:

  • Throughout the entire Therapedic line, this complaint is the most prevalent in terms of longevity. While many people were content with their mattress for the first few months, they discovered that it started to lose its support and spring quite quickly. Others claimed that despite having a warranty, it was difficult to replace newer mattresses.
  • A few Therapedic customers complained that these beds lacked edge support and that they felt like they were rolling off the bed. This was particularly clear for those who shared a bed with a partner.
  • Many people reported that the Therapedic mattress would sag in the middle. The center of the bed “slumps in considerably and sleeping anywhere but there causes back pain,” one person claimed, claiming that the bed was a poor investment. ”.

Sizing and Pricing Information

Prices for the hybrid mattresses from Bravura and Tommy Bahama will vary, so you should visit a retail location to learn the exact costs for each model. However, we did some research to find price ranges if you want to know before you go. You can anticipate to pay an “upper-mid” price for the Tommy Bahama model, which is in the $1,000–1,500 range. The price range for the Bravura is slightly less narrow, going from 599 to $1,299

Is the Therapedic Hybrid Mattress Collection Right for You?

After all is said and done, the following are the top three reasons why you and your bedroom may benefit from Therapedic Hybrid collection mattresses:

You are a hybrid mattress lover. Some people simply enjoy a good hybrid mattress that combines contouring comfort with springy bounce. All of the beds in this collection are made with interesting coil systems and different foam layers.

You’re interested in something a bit more luxury. A nice addition to Therapedic’s standard mattress selection is the Tommy Bahama line. Tommy Bahama is a happy medium if you want to level-up your mattress but don’t want to go all out on luxury options: the materials are on the higher end, it’s affiliated with another well-known brand, but it’s still not outrageously expensive.

You sleep hot. These beds are known for keeping cool, which is important for those who typically sleep hot or prefer the feeling of coldness in the bedroom. The air in the coil system of Therapedic mattresses is known to circulate well, keeping you comfortable all night long.

Therapedic Hybrid Mattress Collection Summary

Despite being less extensive than the other collections, the Therapedic Hybrid mattress line still offers two beds with varying degrees of comfort and support thanks to the use of springs, coils, and layers of foam. Get your hands (er, whole body) on a Therapedic to see how it feels for you if you prefer hybrid mattresses, want to stay cool, and are seeking the ideal balance of support and comfort.

What models are the Therapedic hybrid mattresses offer in?

Therapedic has many mattress models available, but two of them are hybrid mattresses: the Bravura and the Tommy Bahama Hybrid models. The Tommy Bahama model is available in 13″ and 15″ heights.

What is the differences between the Bravura and the Tommy Bahama models?

The Tommy Bahama is built with nested wrapped coils, which is when two nested coil springs are placed in each pocket rather than just one, whereas the Bravura has micro pocket coils and an edge coil unit for strong edge support.

Are the Therapedic hybrid mattresses expensive?

For exact pricing on these models, check with a nearby retail location as prices can vary. The Bravura model costs $599–$1299 on average, while the Tommy Bahama model costs $100–$1500.

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Is therapeutic mattress good?

By easing pressure points, controlling temperature, preventing bed sores, and promoting better circulation than a regular mattress can, a therapeutic mattress can aid in the healing process. The pressure points on traditional mattresses are where your body is the heaviest.

Which type mattress is best for back pain?

People with back pain should select memory foam or latex foam mattresses as their preferred bedding. These aid in proper spinal alignment, blood circulation, and pain relief by dispersing the body’s weight evenly.

What is a Therapedic bed?

Therapedic mattress models combine memory foam with copper and graphite infusions, gel foam, and fibers to create firm and extra soft pillow top sleeping surfaces that adapt to a variety of comfort preferences. When the body is at rest, the hybrid materials used in manufacturing assist in removing heat.

Who manufactures Therapedic mattress?

Two of the top orthopedic factories are run by The Bedding Group and are located in Rock Island, Illinois, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our expert craftsmen create a variety of beds by hand that will offer you outstanding support, comfort, and value.

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